Episode 47 - Pip Brenan

#47 Pip Brenan – Representing the Citizens Voice

Health Consumers Council Executive Director and author Pip Brenan shares her journey of representing the citizen’s voice in the administrative machine that is the Health Service.

Often, we don’t consider the provision of health until we’re personally in a place of need and it is at this point we often come face to face with the system that isn’t necessarily focused on the patient – it was exactly this experience that provoked Pip to take action. Pip talks about managing expectations of patients, considering community in healing, patient and practitioner co-designing of health provision and taking responsibility for one’s own health.

Pip also talks about writing her memoirs having survived sexual assault and her recovery. This is a very insightful episode that provides the listener much to consider on a service that at some point we all need.

Find out more about Pip at http://www.pipbrennan.com/

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