Episode 61 - Rupert Philips

#61 Rupert Philips – Learning from Bees

Prepare to the absolutely fascinated by the world of bees as we journey into the story of Rupert Philips, Swan Valley apiarist and founder of the House of Honey and the Sticky Spoon Cafe.

You’ll be transfixed by Rupert’s sheer knowledge and passion for beekeeping that traces back to the age of 8 in South Africa. He clearly explains the life span and structure of a bee colony, their individual and collective connection, the honey making process as well as the wealth of other health products that come from bees.

Rupert also talks about the journey to turning his passion into his business, the current challenges facing bee populations globally as well as the health of the WA Honey industry. You’ll be blown away by the enthusiasm and clarity of this wonderful man and you’ll be left reflecting on how much you can learn and apply from these incredible little creatures!!

Find Rupert buzzing at:

Website: http://www.thehouseofhoney.com.au/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/www.thehouseofhoney.com.au

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