Episode 67 - Ruth Hatherley

#67 Ruth Hatherley – Moneycatcha

Ruth Hatherley shares how she turned her back on her safe career in finance, invested her life saving and created and developed Moneycatcha – a blockchain tech solution designed to create a more efficient home loan process (cutting the processing time from 42 days to 90 minutes) and empower Australians to change banks.

Ruth explains how her upbringing in rural Esperance instilled the values of family, community and transparency upon which her company and solution are built and are core to its success. Ruth brilliantly breaks down the complexity of her solution for everyone to understand and from this, it becomes abundantly clear very quickly the scale of the impact Moneycatcha is in the process of delivering in Australia and beyond.

Ruth also goes deep on the human journey behind creating Moneycatcha sharing the events and decision-making process to go all in on Moneycatcha, how she had to reframe her identity to that of a CEO of a global Tech company as well as the humility required to expand and learn at the rate required to drive Moneycatcha’s progress. Ruth also speaks about being present and managing conflicting priorities, especially as a single mother, as well as her need to create mental space and clarity through meditation as part of her own personal success habits. You will immediately be drawn in by Ruth’s super focus, speed of thought and energy which all spring forward from having a very clear ‘why’ in her life.

Follow Ruth and Moneycatcha at:

Website: http://www.mcatcha.com

LinekdIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/ruth-hatherleymcatcha/

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