Episode 82 - Tom Young

#82 Tom Young – Udrew: Natural Curiosity to fix Big Problems

Tom Young talks about harnessing natural curiosity to fix big real-world problems as he shares the journey as Founder of Udrew, which offers a platform for homeowners to get council approvals faster and make building structures simple and more affordable. Tom shares how it was the catalyst of his own 9-month experience of trying to gain approval to merely erect a fence, coupled together with his extensive background in geo-engineering and drafting, that was the catalyst to work back from the endpoint to design a solution that would prevent others from the same experience.

Tom is very open about the process of deciding to leave his safe job to follow the entrepreneurial path and how close he has come to losing everything along the way – yielding many interesting real-life stories from the trenches of business start-up. What is impressive is both Tom’s natural verve and energy to want to solve problems and learn as well as his moral compass that has led him on his journey to date.

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