#87 Tomás Ford– Performing and sharing your authentic weird self.

Step into the life of a niche weirdo performer with Tomas Ford. Tomas shares how he went from being a nerdy kid to building his performance career through the global fringe scene over many years. He cover a variety of topics including the journey of refining his material and craft to find his audience over time, the inner journey of what can be lonely path of putting yourself out there and how family life keeps him grounded. Tomas explains how running a well-attended but loss-making show was a key lesson that helped him to develop his entrepreneurial skills that make his career sustainable. He also marvels at how he now finds himself doing some quality adulting while still retaining his early 20’s rebel punk identity. Finally, Tomas shares a rather enlightened and often overlooked key point that bigger benefits come from strengthening your collective by investing and serving in the individuals and community that surround you.

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